Friday, September 2, 2011

Back to School.

Hunter had his first day of 4 year old Preschool this past Wednesday. He was pretty excited to go back after having the entire Summer off. I had mixed feelings about it. I am thrilled that he enjoys school but it is so quiet without him home. This year he is in the afternoon class and so far it seems to be a much better fit for him. He gets to sleep in, have a good breakfast and lunch and then head to school . The class size is also much smaller. There are only 11 kids in the afternoon class versus 20 in the morning class. I think Hunter will thrive with the smaller class size. Overall, I am just a happy Mom to see my oldest growing and thriving with school!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Too Many Doctors!

These last two weeks have been filled with doctors. Way too many doctors! For starters, both boys ended up sick and Hunter had to go back on his nebulizer for his RAD. Then Christian was diagnosed with an umbilical hernia and needed to have surgery. And, then poor Trypp was diagnosed with cancer and ended up having part of his paw amputated. I have literally been at a doctors office everyday for the last two weeks. Today is the first day that we can hopefully not see one. Fingers crossed for sure!
Christian is on the mend and doing well. Trypp is limping but that will get better with time. Both boys seem to be bouncing back. Hoping this momma avoids getting sick - I do not have time for that!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Home Improvements

We have been busy over here! We recently got new windows and doorwalls - LOVE them! Beautiful new white marble windowsills! Much more energy efficient which makes us happy! These windows are easier to clean too. They fold down and in so I do not need to go outside to clean them. Not only did we get new windows but we also got a new liner in our pool. This made for very happy kiddos. To top it off we also got a new roof put on the house, fixed the chimney, sealed the skylights and got new ventilation for the house. Lots of work and headaches but totally worth it in the end. This winter we will begin to focus on the inside of the house. Perhaps we will tackle the kitchen or master bath. One never knows!

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Over the 4th of July holiday we took a trip to Chicago and had a blast! We visited the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum and the Navy Pier. It was all so much fun! I have to admit, I was kinda let down with the aquarium, not as cool as I thought it would be. But, it was still a good time. Evan LOVED all the fish! Hunter enjoyed the different play areas. Hunter really enjoyed the Field Musuem and all the dinosaurs and bugs! He was in heaven!!! We all enjoyed the Navy Pier. The boys got a huge kick out of all the boats on the water and the fireworks at night! We had an amazing view from our hotel window since we were right on the water. It was a wonderful family vacation!!! Even the part when Hunter took his very own ride on the elevator ALONE! Scared the daylights out of us but everything turned out just fine. He certainly learned his lesson - stay close to mom and dad!

Cars 2!

Hunter had his first movie theatre experience this past week. I took him to see Cars 2 on the big screen and he was simply amazed! He sat quietly through about 90% of the movie - I was shocked! He LOVED it!!! He cannot wait to go and see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie this December. He is bummed that he has to wait until Santa comes to see that movie. But, I am sure there will be another movie for him to see well before then! I am so happy that he enjoyed it as much as he did.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Color. Color. Color.

Evan has recently started to color A LOT! He loves it! Hunter enjoys it too. Since last week it rained a lot we colored and colored and colored. The boys never got bored. It was great to see them sharing the books and crayons WITHOUT fighting! Could this be the beginning of a wonderful friendship - yup! My boys sure do love each other!

Swing Addicts!

My boys are addicted to the swings! They would swing all day long if we were willing to let them. I love they way the smile and laugh as they enjoy the ride. Hunter still gets a kick out of the baby swings although he is really enjoying the big boy swings too! I am so happy that little things like a trip to the park really makes them happy. It is the simple things in life.